The Terrifying Collection part 2

How many creepy images can you find in this art?

David spotted six. Can you do better?

This artwork is called “Blue Plate Special” and was made by illustrator Jeff Lee Johnson. We recommend you visit his website to see other terrifying art by Johnson.

The classic YouTube scary video that was made into a full-length movie, Lights Out will give you nightmares.

The Mütter Museum

The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia that contains a collection of chilling, mysterious and horrible medical exhibits. The museum houses an anthropodermic book -- a book that has a cover made of human skin. The skin was taken from an Irish woman named Mary Lynch -- after she died of tuberculosis.

book with a cover made of human skin

In New Jersey on the night of July 14th, 2001 thousands of people saw strange lights in the sky. 911 received dozens of calls from concerned people. Local weather experts said there was no meteorological reason for the lights. The event received local and national news coverage. You can see videos of the lights and the following news coverage here.

Will Burke is an artist that creates some genuinely disturbing work. Among other terrifying art, he has a series of Lovecraftian Garfield parodies.